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TAKAOKA IP is a central-Tokyo intellectual property law firm that provides advice and legal services in a broad range of intellectual property matters in Japan, specializing in: patent, trademark, industrial design, and utility model.
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President, Patent Attorney

Electrical & Computer Technologies Mechanical Technologies


Mr. Ryoichi Takaoka specializes in patents in the fields of telecommunications and software, as well as consulting on international intellectual property systems.


  • Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA)
  • International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI)
  • Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA)
  • International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys (FICPI)
  • American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA)

Speaking Engagements:

Mr. Takaoka has served as a lecturer for the Japan Intellectual Property Association (JIPA) training courses from 2015 to 2018.


He is the author of “When Patent Rules Change” (Nikkei BP Co., Ltd.) and has contributed to numerous other publications and papers.

Career Highlights:

Mr. Ryoichi Takaoka has made significant contributions to the field of intellectual property law over the course of his distinguished career, which spans more than three decades.
In 1991, Mr. Takaoka began his journey in intellectual property law at a reputable patent law firm, where he demonstrated his expertise in drafting patent specifications. His work focused primarily on audio equipment innovations for a major manufacturer, including inventions for CD players, DVD players, and digital audio signal processing technologies. Transitioning to a prominent patent law firm, Mr. Takaoka assumed responsibility for managing patent applications and prosecution across various industries. He provided diligent support to clients, including automotive and electronics manufacturers, ensuring their intellectual property rights were protected effectively. During his tenure, Mr. Takaoka deepened his understanding of U.S. and European patent laws, offering valuable insights to clients seeking international patent strategies. In addition to his client work, Mr. Takaoka began sharing his expertise through publications and lectures on international patent strategies, contributing to the professional development of others in the field. In 2007, Mr. Takaoka founded Takaoka IP, driven by a commitment to providing high-quality intellectual property services. The firm has since grown steadily under his leadership, remaining dedicated to serving clients with integrity and excellence.



Senior Advisor

Senior Advisor

Professional Background:

1981: Joined Canon Inc.

2001–2006: Senior General Manager, Canon Europe Limited (Head of Canon EMEA Intellectual Property)

2006–2008: Senior General Manager, Intellectual Property Technology Center, Intellectual Property & Legal Headquarters, Canon Inc.

2008–2010: Senior Director, Canon USA Inc. (Head of Americas Intellectual Property)

2010–2023: Head of Intellectual Property & Legal Headquarters, Canon Inc. (Appointed Executive Officer in 2010, Director in 2012, Managing Executive Officer in 2016, Senior Managing Executive Officer in 2021)

2020–: Visiting Professor, Innovation Management Research Department, Kanazawa Institute of Technology

2022–2023: Head of Economic Security Office, Canon Inc. (concurrently)

2023–: Advisor, Canon Inc.

2024–: Advisor, Takaoka IP

2024–: Visiting Professor, Osaka Institute of Technology

Key Leadership Positions and Committee Memberships:

2015–2019: President, Japan Intellectual Property Protection Association (AIPPI)

2019–: Vice Chairperson, Japan Intellectual Property Association (JIPA)

2020–2023: Chairperson, Intellectual Property Planning Subcommittee, Intellectual Property Committee, Japan Business Federation (Keidanren)

2022–2024-: President, Licensing Executives Society Japan (LES Japan)

2022–: Member, Economic Security Expert Meeting, Cabinet Office

2023–: Member, Intellectual Property Committee, Industrial Structure Council, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)


2015: Awarded the Intellectual Property Achievement Award by the Japan Patent Office in the Fiscal Year 2015 (Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award)

2024:Awarded the Invention Encouragement Service Award by Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation in the Fiscal Year 2024



Vice President

Vice President, Partner
Patent Attorney (Infringement Litigation Counsel)

Electrical & Computer Technologies
Mechanical Technologies

Areas of Expertise:

Mr. Nao Oda specializes in hardware-related technologies such as server systems, storage systems, and precision equipment, as well as software-related technologies including image processing, application software, operating systems, and business models. He also handles foreign applications.


Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA)

Career Highlights:

With a career spanning over two decades in intellectual property law, Mr. Nao Oda brings a wealth of experience to the field. In 1996, Mr. Oda embarked on his professional journey at a precision equipment manufacturing company, where he gained hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies and engineering processes. In 2001, he made the transition to the legal sector, joining a prominent patent law firm. There, he further developed his expertise in intellectual property law, focusing on patent prosecution and strategic counseling for clients across various industries. In 2009, recognizing his talent and dedication, Mr. Oda was one of the founding members of Takaoka IP, contributing to the establishment and growth of the firm. Since then, he has played a pivotal role in its success, leveraging his extensive knowledge and insights to provide tailored solutions to clients’ intellectual property needs. Mr. Oda currently serves as the Head of Electrical Department at Takaoka IP, where he leads a team of skilled professionals in managing patent portfolios, conducting patent searches, and providing strategic advice on intellectual property matters. In recognition of his contributions and leadership, Mr. Oda was appointed as the Vice President of Takaoka IP in 2021, reflecting his commitment to excellence and his vision for the future of the firm.



Managing Partner

Managing Partner
Patent & Trademark Attorney

Electrical & Computer Technologies
Medical Device Technologies

Patent Specialization:

Ms. Reina Miyoshi specializes in a wide range of patent fields, including optical equipment, image processing, software, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and medical devices.

Legal Expertise:

Her legal expertise extends to trademark registration applications, international trademark registration applications under the Madrid Protocol, design registration applications, international design registration applications under the Hague Agreement, and enforcement of the Unfair Competition Prevention Act.


Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA)
International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI)


Ms. Miyoshi has contributed to the publication “Software Patents Worldwide” edited by Gregory Stobbs, specifically authoring the chapter on “Japan” (Kluwer Law International).

Career Highlights:

Ms. Reina Miyoshi is a dynamic leader with a diverse background in intellectual property law and business. Her professional journey began at an electronic payment company, where she gained valuable insights into the intersection of technology and intellectual property while honing her skills in technology and business operations. After gaining hands-on experience in the industry, Ms. Miyoshi pursued further education in intellectual property law, completing her studies in “US Intellectual Property Law” at Stanford University Law School. In 2016, drawn by the firm’s reputation for excellence in intellectual property services, Ms. Miyoshi transitioned to Takaoka IP. Since joining the firm, she has been instrumental in developing innovative strategies to protect clients’ intellectual assets and drive business growth. With her exceptional leadership qualities and strategic vision, Ms. Miyoshi assumed the role of Managing Partner at Takaoka IP in 2021. In this capacity, she oversees the firm’s operations and strategic direction, leading a team of dedicated professionals to deliver exceptional results for clients. Ms. Miyoshi’s passion for intellectual property law, coupled with her business acumen, has positioned her as a trusted advisor to clients seeking to navigate the complexities of intellectual property rights and maximize the value of their innovations.